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Even When We’re Feeling Stuck, We Expand

Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck is a state of mind. It’s not a state of being that we’re actually in (a literal stuck position), but rather a feeling that the energy in your life is stagnant. Stagnation is a wildly low vibrational energy that tends to leave us feeling unfulfilled and lacking in accomplishment. But, the feeling of being stuck tends to happen, and we’ve all been there. So, it’s really a matter of how long we let that vibrational energy exist and how we pull ourselves out of it. There are several reasons why this energy could be in our lives, but I think they all come down to one commonality: something in our lives (our job, our relationships, our environment, etc.) is leaving us feeling unfulfilled and uninspired. We lack the inspiration to take inspired and intentional action.

So the question we should be asking ourselves isn’t “How can I get ‘un-stuck?'” but rather, “How can I find inspiration again?” This conversation goes back to when we discussed moving from low vibrational energy to high vibe energy. To date, this is one of the most popular and frequently downloaded podcasts (ep. 17). To shift our energy and rediscover our inspiration, as always, we must first identify what is in ‘lack.’

When something in our life is in ‘lack,’ it has causation to domino into stagnant or stuck energy. What’s critical to realize here isn’t that we must always remedy this lack energy with change or more challenging work. Sometimes, all it takes to reignite that spark is to connect with yourself from a deeper, more compassionate place.

Feeling Stuck? Let’s Reconnect.

The worst thing we can do to ourselves when we’re in this state of feeling stuck is to criticize and judge ourselves. We have to remind ourselves that to exist in a high vibe state 24/7 and constantly feeling inspired to take action isn’t realistic. We’re going to have time when we’re feeling off. It actually burdens us to believe that’s the expectation we set for ourselves because, in reality, we simply won’t be living up to it 100% of the time. It’s perfectly alright to feel a lack of inspiration sometimes; in fact, some may argue it’s a good thing. With a lack energy, we come to realize that something needs changing. We may not have taken action to change it before simply because we didn’t come to a state of lack.

When we’re in this state, we have to understand that we’re ever-evolving humans. This means that something in your life that may have struck strong inspiration before maybe simply isn’t your passion anymore. Once we come to this understanding, it’s up to us to give ourselves time and space to expand for new opportunities. With this thought in mind, you could argue that we’re not actually stuck at all. In fact, we’re evolving, and the ‘lack’ we’re in now is simply our minds expanding to allow new energy to flow in.

Allowing Space for Expansion

When we give ourselves space to embrace the ‘stuck’–allow it to ruminate, offer new ideas, and perspectives–we hold power to change and grow to new heights. I understand that offering this perspective on this low vibrational energy is much easier than embracing it. But, when we realize that to evolve, we must first recognize what needs changing, we offer ourselves a more abundant and bountiful Universe. To flow through this process as seamlessly as possible, we must understand that the timeline we follow may not be as linear as we’d like.

As I said, this is vibrational energy we may feel now and will likely feel again. As our subconscious calls out for another expansion, we must allow space for as much compassion and ease we can offer ourselves. So how can we reconnect with ourselves in a way that allows for this space to naturally come into our lives? You already know what I’m going to say… Intentional Living!

Intentional Action

We evolve from stagnant energy by reconnecting with the things that offer us solace, comfort, happiness, and inspiration. We can develop from this low vibe energy by connecting with the structure that already exists in our lives and allowing it to inspire us. As I’ve felt this stuck energy exist in my life over the last two months, I’ve found myself clinging to my routine. I’ve found myself allowing more time for the things that make me feel connected to my higher self: meditation, practicing EFT, working out, and rest. Some of my best ideas, thoughts, and actions have come from just simply giving myself the space and time to do these things, allowing my mind time to rest and recharge WITHOUT the pressure of something coming out of it.

Is this going to be a ‘one day and problem resolved’ type of situation? Of course not. We can go through periods of stagnation for weeks, even months. All we can really do in that time is allow for ourselves to expand through the inspired action that makes you feel good, WITHOUT guilt. We never know how long the process might take to rediscover the spark. And without this space for expansion, and the forceful pressure of needing to resolve the situation immediately, you’re only hurting yourself more long term. You’re telling your subconscious it’s not okay to go through ‘rut’ periods. And by doing yourself this disservice, you’re not allowing yourself that ability to evolve and expand.

The Expansion Timeline

When we’re feeling stuck, the timeline for our own expansion and growth can seemingly feel like forever, which is actually true! We are continually expanding, learning, and growing, so the expansion timeline is infinite. But, when we’re in moments of feeling stuck, I understand how excruciating this process can feel. Almost as if we’re waiting for a change or an opportunity to come that we’re not sure ever will. But if we trust and allow the process to unfold as it may, we expand beyond the stuck. This is how we step into higher timelines and higher versions of ourselves.

Xo,  lauren

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