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How to be Happy on Your Own to Become Your Best Self

Happy on Your Own

The most empowering aspect of living intentionally is the love we maintain for ourselves. When you live intentionally, you are comfortable in your own skin, confident in your direction, and love the version of yourself that is now someone who is constantly evolving. Sounds appealing, right? I think we can all agree that this level of independence is something we all strive to reach. A place where we’re not just content with being alone, but thrive on the company of the self-reflective voice in our head. So, how do we reach a place where we’re happy on our own? Independent? Confident? And Evolving?

Did you know, it’s been scientifically proven that people who prefer their own company, or spend more time on their own, are generally more self-confident, self-aware people who are more satisfied with their life?

Keep this thought in mind throughout this post as I walk you through the ways to be happier on your own, not just in life, but within the genre of intentional living. With the notion in mind, if you’re happy on your own and in your present moment, you’ll have more power to manifest your dream life. So why is it so important that we love spending time on our own?

Those self-reflective thoughts are absolutely critical to personal development. Without reflection, where would we find the space for growth or improvement? We’re going to delve into all the ways we can expand in the here and now before we step into things like new relationships, new jobs, and new opportunities. Soon, we’ll be stepping into our highest selves and existing as a high vibrational beings.

How to Become Your Best Self

When we’re undergoing this process, whatever you’d like to call it–growth, expansion, enlightenment, awakening–it’s one in which we’re stepping into a new power. Before we talk about the how, I’d like to reflect on what happens when we resist this process. When we deny our emotions and lack the culpability to take responsibility for ourselves and our future self—what I’m talking about here is lack. A topic we’ve talked much about before on the podcast: Building Your Productivity Flow by Relinquishing a “LACK” Mentality. Lack mindset comes from believing there is something you’re missing and that emotion or feeling can only be fulfilled from something outside of yourself.

When we work on ourselves and learn to become happy on our own, we develop the skills to recognize lack mindset and fulfill those emotions from within without turning to outside sources.

As Within, So Without

In this week’s podcast, I referred back to the power of being happy in your present moment to manifest what you desire. To scale that even more considerably and reflect that thought onto your overarching mindset, this saying becomes resolute: “As within, so without.” This expression found in spiritual law reflects a universal truth in which your outside world reflects your inner world or thought. Therefore, if you’re in a state of lack, your environment or circumstances will reflect that lack as well, only enhancing your thought of “I’m in lack of…”

Now reverse engineer that thought to manifesting. What happens when you’re existing within a high vibrational energy and attracting all you desire into your reality? By embracing this concept, you understand there is a more significant investment in working on yourself, being happy with who you are, and being comfortable on your own. You have the power to fulfill what you feel you’re lacking, and you have the power to reflect what your environment is offering you. As you transform negative thoughts into high vibrational energy, your outside world will reflect that internal change, therefore attracting new people, opportunities, and insights into your life.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.


Emotionally Investing In Yourself

So, where do we begin? You know those ten toxic habits we talked about that protect us from addressing emotions that lie deeper within? Start there. What habits do you have that keep you in your comfort zone? Habits that keep you feeling protected but aware that you’re not addressing the deeper issues? To become the best version of yourself and be happy on your own, you not only have to look at the bad habits you need to change but how you can emotionally invest in yourself. What does that mean?

Emotional investment has a great deal to do with where you consciously place your attention to detail much of the time. Or, how you let outside sources of energy influence your energy, opinion, and even identity. To push this into enlightenment, we can think of directing our conscious attention to self. How does this affect me? How can I deal with this? Or, how can I react to this? When we direct our attention to self, we become more intimate with our emotions and creating a bond.

How to Be Happy on Your Own

When we undergo this process and invest this time into ourselves, we’re setting ourselves up for greater, long-term success. Do you ever want to step into one of the greatest opportunities of your life, not loving the current version of the person you are now? Or, would you rather step into your greatest power, aligned with your destiny, and begin a new opportunity as the best version of who you can be in this moment?

We’ve talked about some hot tips several times before for being happy and stepping in your highest power: have compassion for yourself and your past actions. Your past has shaped the version of yourself you are today; all you can do is be grateful for that.

Have faith in yourself and the Universe. The Universe wants everything to work out for your highest good, and it is going to assist you in creating that reality. But, it can only shape your reality as much as you’re willing to reflect. Remember: as within, so without.

Listen to this week’s podcast, “How to Love Yourself Before Beginning Anew,” to hear more about the paradox of loving yourself and your life now. To attract what you desire is all about vibration and what happens when we repel instead of attracting.


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