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Harmonizing your Mindset & Physical Being to Transcend the Soul

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Transcend the Soul

What is the Soul? Simply put, the soul is the essence or culmination of your being. Your soul is your expression of consciousness: thoughts, ideas, and reality that you’re able to process. On the other hand, your unconscious is comprised of concepts we cannot physically grasp: time, space, opportunity, abundance. When you reach a space or level of consciousness to harmonize mindset and physical being, you become in touch with the soul. This is existence on its highest level of awareness. In essence, true harmony. When you’re able to release ego and expectation to align yourself with your greatest potential and destiny, you are in complete alignment with the Universe. But how do we reach this harmony to transcend the soul? How do we release expectations and ego for the sake of destiny and growth? We work from within to reach true alignment of mind, body, and soul.

To reach this level of self-awareness, we must first recognize what fears may be keeping us from progress or abundance in our lives. As a prequel to this post, we’ve extensively discussed both the blog and the podcast on the fears of failure and success. Our previous two-part blogs on the Fear of Failure, part 1 and part 2, both dive into how the subconscious mind may be keeping us from our potential for success out of our fears of feeling unsafe. Now that we’ve established where these fears develop and how to break through them, we can begin the alignment work. This requires the understanding that you must get comfortable with potential uncomfortable thoughts to align yourself with the soul. Once we can relinquish the ego, lack, and fear, we can step into our manifesting power.


Having great self-awareness is often a thought that makes many uncomfortable. It requires travel into the depths of potentially dark and unaware thoughts to prompt unwanted reflection; perhaps even a reflection we may not recognize. However, when we’re working on the level of harmony to reach unity with the mind and body, the process is more transparent. The mountain transforms into a hill we must climb, and the journey becomes less arduous. Because we’ve already done much of the healing work and the self-recognition, the potential for “shock” to arise is unlikely. To harmonize the mind and the body, we must first heal; there is always healing work to be done within. Most of us cannot recognize just how deep the need for healing may go. This journey first begins with your willingness to work on and develop your relationship with yourself and your mind.

The emotions we suppress–fear, hatred, grief, scarcity, jealously, anger–are all a state of mind, a state of being. When you relinquish the hold they maintain over you, you are intrinsically regaining your autonomy over your mind. This is the power of self-awareness. Not a continuation of suppressing difficult emotions but understanding the role they play in your present life. You then practice ways to rewrite them in your mind for subconscious reprogramming. The aspect of the soul comes in once you’ve reached this level of understanding and connection with yourself. It is not an outside source or work to be done beyond you; it is within. First, we reach alignment of mind and body to soul, then alignment of soul and universe. You must be willing to surrender deep thought to this process to allow change to unfold.

Transcend the Soul

Your soul, like any other piece of you, is just that, a piece of you. However, the soul allows for everything to interconnect: conscious and subconscious thought; meaningful connection; essence of character… It is our entire being prescribed to one motive. Consider the maxim “the eyes are the window to the soul.” When you look into a person’s eyes, you can gauge emotion, sentiment, pain, humility, all from a perceived look. Imagine wearing that look as your outward appearance, as if your soul was the embodiment of your physical being. That raw vulnerability you’re imagining, that transparency, is the level of awareness you reach when you align your mind and body; only you maintain your ability to keep that appearance inward. This is true transcendence—a harmony between thought and action—an understanding between movement and belief, all from the single concept of harmony.

Harmony of the mind, body, and soul recognizes a true and unwavering trust within yourself and the universe. Your deepest wants and desires are not desperate and unknowing because you believe in the power of the Universe. True alignment means releasing expectations of “how” and “why” and embracing the journey of now. This is an ongoing journey in my life and one I have worked very hard on. As I continue my journey of alignment, I’ll continue to share. For now, I encourage you to go within. Practice meditation, affirmations, EFT, and subconscious reprogramming. Work on aligning your thoughts and mindset with your body and your actions. If you desire something, put your body into motion and take action. Sometimes, beginning the journey is as simple as taking a single step in the direction of yes, even if it means failing.

Xo,  lauren

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