4 Savvy Ways to Change your Mindset for the New Year

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New Year Mindset

4 Savvy Ways to Change your Mindset for the New Year! Ugh, we all need this advice! With a new year comes inspiration and motivation to change your life and live better. We feel motivated to change the things we dislike about ourselves and a drive to work harder, make more money, travel more, and do all of the things we desire in our dream life. But why does that motivation and inspiration fade off as the year moves on? Why do we lose our drive just because it’s May 12th and not January 1st? What makes the new year so special to change our lives?

A New Year often marks a clean slate for people. It’s a time when people feel it’s best to begin making dramatic life changes that inspire a dream. The calendar shift doesn’t have so much to do with this mindset as the inspiration for change does. If we felt as inspired to create change and work harder every day as we do when a New Year comes, our lives would look a lot different, and success would be redefined as “easier,” more “approachable.” So, why can’t we redefine success and carry that inspiration throughout the year rather than leaving it behind in January? I say we can. Today on La.Rue, let’s change our mindsets for the year, live intentionally, and create success with these 4 Savvy Ways to Change your Mindset for the New Year.

Look at every situation as an opportunity 

You know that question, do you see the glass half-full or half-empty? Are you an optimist or pessimist? When you look at every situation you’re in as an opportunity; you begin seeing your entire life as opportunity. Whatever situation you’re in, look at the potential benefits you could gain. Will you come out a better person, with more knowledge, and a stronger understanding of yourself? Some situations you’re in may already present themselves as an opportunity, like a new job, but look at the ones that may not be so obvious. Maybe someone you met recently invited you for coffee, and maybe you’re not the most social person. Look at the opportunity; this person could turn out to be your best friend or someone who introduces you to the right person to further your career. You never know the potential unless you take the opportunity with an optimistic point of view.

New Year MindsetMove from Month to Month

Don’t let the 365-day timeline scare you. Look at the year and evaluate progress from month to month. When you look at your timeline more precisely and understand your progress or the progress you want to make, you’re more likely to reach that goal. Instead of saying I want to lose ‘X’ amount of weight this year, break down the goal month to month. See what you can achieve in 30 days rather than spreading it over time. This is what causes people to “forget” about their goals or push it off to the side because they believe they have “time.” Change your mindset and only look ahead 30 days, don’t move too far into the future where you lose sight of your present progress. 30 days is still a lot of time to makes strides towards achieving your larger goal. In the Track your Habits blog, I discuss the importance of small achievements for the overall success of a larger goal.

Failure is Knowledge 

Failure is always a difficult thing to deal with. But, as I mentioned in the 5 Bad Habits to Kick in 2021 blog, we’re not going to let it stop us from achieving our dreams. Similarly to looking at every situation as an opportunity, failure is your opportunity to learn. As difficult as it may sometimes be, failure exists to make us better people. When you’re moving through the year, and you’re feeling stuck, or maybe you’ve just failed at something, look back at what failure has taught you in the past. Almost always we can gain very valuable lessons from the time we’ve failed. Allow that lesson, memory, and hopefully, triumphant ending in the past to motivate you to continue moving forward. Failure is not something that should ever keep you from achieving your dreams. Every time you fail, those moments should serve only as more motivation to reach your dreams.

Dreams are Your Responsibility to Yourself New Year Mindset

Let’s change our mindset about what the word dreams mean to us. Dreaming doesn’t have to be some far off, unachievable life. Within reason, more often than not, your dreams are COMPLETELY achievable, but it’s our mindset and fears that keep us from reaching them. Today and together, we’re going to redefine what the meaning of dreaming is. To dream, is to make a promise to yourself that you see a life better for yourself, and you’re going to put in the work to get to that moment and live that life. When you dream, create goals, and work towards achievement, you’re making a promise to yourself. You’re actively promising yourself that you will create a change in your life that will better your everyday experience. Dreaming is easy; it’s achieving that dream that takes all the effort. But don’t ever let that keep you from dreaming with optimism and achieving with courage.

2021 is here, and it will bring its own list of difficulties and challenges. But, it’s up to you how you approach the situations and whether you keep a positive mindset to make the year a great one. These four Savvy Ways to Change your Mindset for the New Year will keep you positive and moving forward in 2021. Keep coming back to La.Rue for motivation and inspiration on achieving your dreams and living life with intention. Until next time!






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