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6 Motivational Podcasts for Women: Empower Your Life

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Motivational Podcasts for Women

Are you looking to empower your mindset? Are you ready to transcend into your highest self in alignment with your full potential? To accomplish this, we must always be learning and growing into better versions of ourselves. How do we do this? By constantly consuming raw content that reprograms our mindset for success. So, if you require great mindset shifts, want to learn how to manifest success, or transform your life, these are the podcasts for you. I’ve found that when I’m having off days or days when I’m feeling unmotivated, the best thing I can do is have an important conversation with some of these incredible podcast hosts. These hosts are experts in their fields and have worked several years on building and scaling their business. So, if you’re ready to begin incredible mindset shifts, start here with these 6 highly motivational podcasts for women!

Motivational Podcasts for Women

1. Big Conversations with Haley Hoffman SmithI’ve mentioned Haley’s podcast numerous times on the blog. It’s been a tried and true resource I come to each week to continue building my mindset and manifestations techniques. Haley is an expert in subconscious breakthrough techniques, Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), and manifestation. Her podcast is one of those that you’re going to want to binge every episode she has if you start listening. I‘ve talked about subconscious blocks and the self-doubt we can face. Well, on Big Conversations, Haley helps you break through those blocks. You will reach a space you’re not only confident in achieving your dreams but you believe in the success coming to you. Therefore, if you’re looking to move beyond your limiting beliefs and rebuild your mindset for success, Big Conversations is for you! 
2. Abraham Hicks Daily with Esther HicksEsther Hicks is the author of The Law of Attraction, and created the Abraham Hicks name with her late husband. Abraham Hicks is a “non-physical entity” that taps into the world’s infinite intelligence. Above all, this podcast is small doses of much larger conversations. It discusses how to use the powers of the universe to connect with the earth to harness its power; thus, stepping into your alignment. This is for the person interested in building their spirituality and connecting their mind and body to manifest their dreams and achieve transcendence into their highest self. When you begin connecting with a higher version of yourself and your future self, you step into a new reality. You’ll learn that all beings of yourself are interconnected to assist you in manifesting and achieving your dreams. Those are just some of the incredible topics you will listen to on this podcast. 
3. Manifestation Babe with Kathrin ZenkinaThis is a wonderful podcast for anyone looking to break into the art of changing your life. Kathrin talks about all things, manifesting, money, and mindset. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to redefine your life to achieve your goals. Kathrin has grown incredible success and shares that continuing journey on the podcast. What I absolutely LOVE about Kathrin is her ability to be completely relatable. Kathrin has achieved so much at such a young age, and her life is proof of what she practices and preaches. This makes her podcast approachable. It’s packed full of phenomenal advice that connects while diving deep into how to apply these techniques in your life to actually achieve the success you desire. 
4. Payday with Rayray with Rachel BellThis fantastic podcast is solely dedicated to assisting you in reaching your income cap dreams. Are you ready to reach your next money goal? Want to learn how to ask for a raise? Or hear the success stories of hundreds of entrepreneurial women? Well, Payday with Ray Ray is absolutely the podcast for you! This show is for anyone whose got a startup business in place but wants to learn more about how to drive clients, income, and business through marketing. This podcast has taught me how to find where I stand out in a saturated market of bloggers and take those innovative qualities and market them to my advantage. So, if you’re ready to make a higher income and reach financial goals, this podcast is just what you need! 
5. The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher: Another spectacular podcast from an outstanding women entrepreneur who turned her side hustle into a SEVEN FIGURE INCOME! Jenna Kutcher is someone I have been following for years. Her podcast shares anything and everything about her life, success, hardships, and dreams. Her episodes provide much clarity to newer entrepreneurs who may not understand the true amount of work and dedication it takes to create and run a successful business. The Goal Digger Podcast has shed great light on where I need to be focusing my work and energies to become successful. If you’re someone who is looking for guidance in these areas but not quite ready to invest in a business coach, this is absolutely the podcast (big sister voice) for you. 
6. Do the Damn Thing with Lauren L’HeureuxI couldn’t very well write this blog and not include my own absolutely phenomenal podcast. Do the Damn Thing is for the woman ready to transform her life in every aspect. To live intentionally and reach success, we have to live a lifestyle that reflects, enhances, and supports those dreams. On Do the Damn Thing, I will closely dive into topics of mindset, connecting with yourself, and living intentionally. All of which will guide you to creating a lifestyle that assists you in achieving your dreams. The Do the Damn Thing podcast was created to be the voice of a friend in your car or on your walk. A voice that is always uplifting and reminding you that you are a bad*ss and can absolutely achieve your dreams as long as you put your mind to it. Head over to my Podcast page to learn more. 

So, whether you are a podcast person or have never listened to one in your life, I strongly encourage you to begin listening to these. Before I began listening to podcasts, I lost sight of that encouraging voice in my head. Now, it’s not just my voice reminding me of all I can achieve; but people I admire and look up to also remind me. So, head over to Apple Podcasts or Spotify and begin listening today. Happy Podcasting!

Xo,  lauren

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