A Guide to Writing Achievable New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

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New Year's Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions – Every year, when we reach the end of a year and begin a new one, we evaluate our life over the last 365 days. We look at what we’ve accomplished, our failures, what’s begun, and what’s ended. From that evaluation comes new goals and resolutions we’d like to implement in the new year to change our lives. Many people don’t just make resolutions; they set goals to change their habits, routines, and lifestyle. In the blog, How to Begin your 2021 New Years Resolutions, I explain the actions you need to take to set achievable resolutions. In the blog, I break down the actions into 5 steps: 1. Identify your goal; 2. Create a Plan of Action, 3. Set Deadlines; 4. Have Actionable Responsibility, 5. Achieve Success. Today, I’d like to take those steps and apply them to an Intentional Life that you can live out in 2021.

Remember my Intentional Living Guide Freebie, which you can download here, and read more about on the blog, Intentional Living. Well, that Intentional Living Guide and my NEW DECEMBER FREEBIE, New Year’s Resolutions Guide, are going to be your tools for writing your goals this New Year. These two worksheets, along with these blogs, will guide you to creating a foolproof action plan to achieve the goals you set your mind to. So, sit down, grab your pen, your worksheets, and your dreams, and let’s get started.

WHY it’s so Important to Set Goals!

Remember the blog, Ways to Challenge Yourself to Achieve Your Dreams? Well, that is why setting new goals and writing New Year’s Resolutions are so important. Life can get boring sometimes, or even too much of a routine, so it’s important to challenge yourself daily. When you challenge yourself and set goals in your life, you become aware of what you can achieve and your desire to reach your dreams. Goals push us to achieve more, hold ourselves accountable, and live out the life we desire for ourselves. So, when you’re writing your New Year’s Resolutions and goals, think about the life you dream of having. Think about if you were to achieve every goal you set, what would your life look like in one year?

How to Use the New Year’s Resolution Guide…

The New Year’s Resolutions Guide is paired with the Intentional Living Guide because it’s entire premise stems from the pillars of Intentional Living. To remind you, the pillars are Mind & Body, Career & Education, Selfcare & Relaxation, Lifestyle Development, and Experience. With this new guide, you will set goals and intentions for every pillar of Intentional Living. Then, to fulfill your steps of achieving your resolutions, you will use the Intentional Living Guide monthly to break down your action plan so that in 365 days, your goals will be a reality. So, to begin, take your New Year’s Resolutions Guide and a spare sheet of paper and jot down a few goals you could make for each pillar. After you’ve written 2 or 3 goals for each pillar, think about how much time and effort you would need to put into achieving those goals. Decide which goal makes the most sense in your life and which you want most, and write down the goal with its pillar on the new guide.

Now that you’ve got step one Identify your Goal completed, you can begin step two, Create a Plan of Action. I would begin with maybe the first three months of the year and create your quarterly plan of action. So, setting aside your New Year’s Guide, grab your first Intentional Living Guide. With this guide, you will use the space to write your plan of action for the month. Start each sentence with “I will…” Describe what you will do during the month to reach your goals. How are you going to create change in your life? Allow this guide to break down your goals; the months will follow step 3—set deadlines. When you’re writing your goals for the month, be conscious of what you can achieve in 30 days.

New Year's Resolutions New Year's Resolutions

Creating your Actionable Responsibility

On your New Year’s Resolutions Guide, you will also notice a section for New Habits & Routines. This is where you will decide on the new habits you need to implement to achieve your goals. So, let’s breakdown an example. In the blog, How to Begin your List of 2021 New Year’s Resolutions, I tell you that one of the most common resolutions is “Get a New Job.” I break down this goal a bit in that blog, but let’s go into even more depth on how you’d go about creating your action plan. In line with your goal, your new habits could be to apply to ‘x’ amount of jobs each week, engage on LinkedIn ‘x’ amount of times each week, etc. When you set these new habits and track them using your FREE La.Rue Habit Tracker, you achieve so much. By using the Habit Tracker, you’re taking actions and tracking them daily, you develop a strong and positive routine that helps you to achieve your goals, and you’re holding yourself accountable to these goals.

Changing your Life in the New Year

Intentional Living is all about creating change in your life to live positively and dream wildly. These guides are a fantastic way to begin achieving your dreams. When you see your goals on paper and track your progress daily, you’re more likely to succeed and achieve. If you are ready to change your life, Live Intentionally, and achieve your dreams, then I have the perfect offer for you! The La.Rue 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge is currently available for ALL readers at 50% OFF! You can read all about the challenge, what it does, and HOW it works on the blog, and purchase your challenge HERE today!

When you put together this AMAZING Challenge and your New Year’s Resolutions Guide, you’re BOUND for success and achievement! I am so looking forward to watching you all achieve your dreams in the coming New Year. It’s just a few short days away! So, print your guides and purchase your challenge so you can begin LIVING INTENTIONALLY!






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