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Welcome to La.Rue, the ultimate Intentional Living & Lifestyle Blog. A space to share my journey and offer guidance on ways you can make incremental lifestyle changes that instruct an Intentional Life, ultimately creating a motivational setting for achieving any goal. La.Rue is a stage for anyone to come to with the hope of finding leadership when their motivation is lacking. La.Rue motivates and inspires small, necessary changes in life so you may dream and achieve a higher goal. Our Mission is to present women with a space guiding them towards living intentionally, developing their lifestyle, and achieving their dreams. La.Rue empowers readers to redefine success and aims to provide content that drives a passion for answering the question, “Can I do it?” with the mantra, “I can do it.” At La.Rue, I will guide you to create a life in which you define success as the achievable and all your dreams are within your reach.


What you’ll find on the Blog:

The Blog is separated into three categories, Intentional Living, Lifestyle Development, and All Things Lauren. Each category offers you elevated content aimed towards changing your life and gaining knowledge on how to do so.

Intentional Living centers around implementing lifestyle changes aimed towards reaching larger goals. Here, you will find content on goal setting, implementing new Habits and Routines, Organization, Optimizing for your Future, and Education and Career. All of these topics will be explored and elaborated on with each blog.

Lifestyle Development will focus on honing in on beneficial care and routines and the tools needed to live intentionally. This category will always provide content on ways you can ultimately better yourself, centering around self-care, exercise, skincare, planning, how to’s, and more.

All Things Lauren will cater towards content for the purpose of getting to know me better. No Lifestyle blog is complete without the writer sharing her life with her readers. Here, you will get to know the ins and outs of who I am and the experiences that have brought me to where I am. You will also get to know about things I love like fashion, New York City, travel, my family, and obsessions with trying new wines and coffee.


Content to expect…

Every blog serves a purpose on La.Rue. Each piece will offer elevated content aimed at helping you develop and change your life. Periodically I’ll be offering FREE downloadable guides that will help you navigate, on paper, ways you can begin to make changes.

Over time I’ll be producing Workbooks and Workshops exclusively for my subscribers, diving deep into techniques and tactics you can use to make changes but, most importantly, mindset. Every blog will focus on mindset and how to improve yours, address concerns, and overall better your attitude about life and the challenges you may face.

My first downloadable workbook will be a 30-Day Challenge on Intentional Living that is the step-by-step process you need to begin living Intentionally. This guide includes worksheets, exercises, menus, and more, all so that you can begin to CHANGE YOUR LIFE in just 30 days. If you’re interested in learning more about the 30-Day Challenge Guide, head over to my Shop page to view the product. You can also head over to the “Lauren’s Favorites” tab to shop all of my favorite products that help me live intentionally.


Finally at La.Rue… 

Finally, at La.Rue, you and I will always be traveling on this journey together. Following your dreams, taking risks, and taking charge are all of the actions I’m taking to make La.Rue successful and what I have always dreamed it could be. All of the questions you’re asking yourself, “Can I do this?” “Is it good enough?” “Am I good enough?” are all questions and mindset fears I faced. I sat down, addressed them, and I asked myself, “What would my dream life look like.” If I am to reach that life, I needed to move beyond these questions and fears. And I did!

The only way for us to achieve our dreams is to take control of our lives and begin taking action towards them. In this process, we will always be honest with each other, we will hold each other accountable, and we will always look to move forward and learn from failure.



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