Ways to Alleviate Stress During the Holidays

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The holidays are a beautiful time; the seasons are changing, the Christmas lights and music put everyone in a better mood, and the promise of celebrating with friends and family brings great joy. But the holidays can also be stressful. If you’re a student, you’re facing finals and major papers. If you’re working, the last quarter of the year for most industries is often the busiest and most hectic. So, whatever your life may look like, this time of year means your days are usually more engaged and longer. It means it’s more difficult to leave the stress of it all at school or the office, which means you’re more than likely taking extra work home with you. With the stresses of work or school or both, plus the added pressure of holiday shopping, parties, decorating, entertaining, and more. So, if you’re a student, a career person, or a parent and you’re facing both excitement and anxiety about the holidays, here are some great ways you can alleviate your stress during this time of year to enjoy the time and the season.

Dedicate time for everything – have a game plan for work, school, and play.

During the holiday season when everything is a hustle and bustle, having a set schedule will mean that you know where and when your time will be spent so you’re more prepared. As you’ve seen me preach, Intentional Living has SO MUCH to do with routine and balance. When the holiday season comes, it’s great to be prepared. Even though the time around 4thquarter or finals can feel like you never get a break, it’s so important to give yourself that time. When you create a set schedule for yourself to stick to, your work becomes more productive, thought out, and well-executed. Having that dedicated time means you’ll be more motivated to do the work and you won’t want to let yourself down by not getting it done and putting it off, so you sit down and grind out the work. When you do this, you create more time for yourself to relax, decompress, and enjoy the holiday season.

Being prepared at work and school isn’t the only thing you can do. Are you the party goer that needs to buy a gift? Are you the party thrower that needs to buy the entertainment supplies? Always have your shopping lists prepared. There is nothing worse than last-minute holiday shopping. Whether you’re entertaining, gift shopping, or on the hunt for fresh decor, know what you want to buy and when you want to go so you’re prepared for your holiday parties and gift exchanges. People can tell when you’ve really put some thought into their gifts or if you stop by a store last night to grab the gift you forgot about or put off till the last minute.

An Intimate New Holiday

This last year has been bizarre, to say the least, and I have no doubt that holidays will continue to follow new social guidelines. So my advice to you is to look for ways to embrace these new guidelines. What can you do to follow your holiday traditions that still fall in line with the unique way we’re living our lives at the moment. Spend more time with your close circle of friends and family instead of going out, having a night in playing board games and catching up, and creating memories with the people you love. Instead of a massive holiday party, maybe you have a small gathering of 10 or 15 people to toast to Christmas or Ring in the New Year; celebrating with people you love rather than a big group of acquaintances sounds more fun anyway, right?

Continue to Embrace your Traditions

Don’t let the stress of the day get in the way of you doing the things you love during the holidays. If you’re stuck on what to do and need some ideas to alleviate the stress and decompress after a long day, here are some fun holiday things to do on your own or with friends and family…


Let the Holidays be a time you enjoy, celebrate, laugh, and create memories. Create new traditions and embrace old ones in new and inventive ways. Don’t let the holidays be the time that stresses you out about work, school, and play. Find the balance that works for you and create a schedule that you can stick to, so when your day ends, you can relax and enjoy the season.






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