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A few weeks ago, I posted a Blog on the do’s and don’ts and the etiquette everyone should have when visiting New York. So in today’s post, I wanted to share with you some more critical New York information for visiting museums. I’ve listed my four favorite museums to go to in the city, and sadly, they are some of the more expensive ones, but they are must see museums and I promise, they won’t disappoint.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The MET is one of the most beautiful museums in the world and houses some of the most exquisite and historic art to ever exist. The thing to know about the MET is the exhibits they have coming in and out versus what they have all the time. The MET has multiple wings, each dedicated to it’s own country and time in history. My personal favorite being the Contemporary European Art Wing that is home to Devinci, Monet, Renoir and many more. The MET itself is a beautiful building with timeless architecture, so it is definitely a place to be. Be sure to check out their website and know when their showing specific exhibits you may want to hit before they move on in a few months. Visiting exhibits usually last between 2 and 9 months before they’re packaged up and shipped off onto another museum. Also, another thing to take a look at before hand is the map, pick out specific places and pieces you want to see so when you walk into the museum you’re not overwhelmed with the choices. Now, the quick thing I wanted to mention about the MET is the new pricing. It used to be a donate as you please for a ticket, but now, it’s priced for tourists and the only people to pay as they please to enter are NY, NJ, and CT students, and NY residents. So if you’re a college or grad student and are coming from another place, be sure to bring along your student ID, this can get you discounted tickets for A LOT more than you realize. Last thing about the MET, there are actually two small museums that are apart of the MET family, the Cloister’s located in the Bronx, and the Breuer, located on Madison Ave, these two museums are specific to one type of art, the Cloister’s being Medieval Art and the Breuer being Modern Art.

Prices: Adult $25 – Seniors $17 – Student $12 – Children (Under 12) Free

Museum of Modern Art: Speaking of Modern Art, MOMA is one of the most incredibly enlightening places to visit in NY. It’s prime location in Midtown offers central AC and a place to walk around and contemplate life and the ultimate question of
“How is this art?” MOMA is not for those who have no idea about art and what defines it, especially for its expensive prices, so if you’re not interested in Modern Art or  brush strokes then I would recommend any other museum on this list, but if you are interested in those things, then MOMA is the place for you. Not only does MOMA feature fresh paintings, but interactive art that matins a 3D and often touchable features that allows you to not only interact with the art, but with its creator. MOMA, like the Met is a place you can be stuck in all day, so again I recommend taking a look before hand at the map and their running exhibits so when you walk in, you know whether to go right or left.

Prices: Adults $25 – Seniors $18 – Students $14 – Children (Under 16) Free

The Whitney: The Whiney is a unique museum, it’s unique to look at and the experience it offers is different from a lot of high tea museums like the Met and MOMA. The Whitney offers tidbits from all different era’s, including, post-impretionist, post-modern, exhibitionism and breaking the fourth wall millennia. It’s all about taking the viewer out of their comfort zone and identifying modern issues and the Trump Era. This museum is not for the faint hearted – it addresses issues that started decades ago that still persist today, but I believe it has some of the most relevant art alive and I think it’s something critical to the NY experience. Take a look on their website before hand, their “passing through” exhibits are often interesting and relatable.

Prices: Adults $25 – Seniors $18 – Students $18 – Children (Under 18) Free

The Guggenheim: The Guggenheim, which has homes in New York, Venice, Abu Dhabi and Bilbao, houses modern and contemporary art that dictates historic and future turns in culture and religion. It’s dynamic and beautiful layouts allows us to feel and breathe the art while taking into consideration it’s curatorial positioning and it’s place within the gallery. The Gugg is a beautiful building and often hosts amazing events and fundraisers that are sometimes open to the public. I highly recommend visiting this museum if you’re coming to NY soon, it is an interesting and vibrant place that houses absolutely gorgeous art. It’s not mandatory to plan before you visit because it’s not huge, so feel free to take a risk and just walk in.

Prices: Adults $25 – Seniors $18 – Students $18 – Children (Under 12) Free

*Each one of the museums mentioned takes the City Pass, so if you’re planning on buying your tickets in bulk, City Pass is the way to do so. The prices change seasonally, but they’re, on average, about $130 a person and offer access to these museums plus more. Take a look at their pass here. 


I hope you enjoyed hearing about New York’s biggest art houses, and I hope you will take the time to visit each of these over your next few trips to Manhattan.



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