Visiting NYC like a Resident

Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends from all over the country have recently been making a trip out here to NY and I thought it was time to share with you some of my tips on how to make you’re trip even better by offering some do’s and don’ts in the city. Since I’ve lived here for three years now, I feel equipped to offer you this advice with confidence, knowing that all of my fellow New Yorkers most likely agree with what I have to say!

First Things First: Subway Etiquette


  • Hold onto something inside the subway car. When the car in busy or full, you really want to be holding onto some sort of rail to avoid falling flat on your face or being that rude person that grabs a fellow passenger to avoid falling.
  • Wear Headphones. Subway cars can become the home of interesting events, so if you like to avoid awkward interactions, keep those buds in your ears. This is also helpful advice for those of you who like to blast music or videos for the public, take my word for it, no one else wants to hear your music.


  • Don’t be that person that stops in front of the turnstile at 8:30AM on a Monday morning and then pull your wallet out and get your subway card out to swipe. Have it ready before you walk up to the stile, this is to avoid having several people behind you ram into your backside mumbling curses under their breathe.
  • Stop at the top/bottom/ or middle of the stairs. Keep your ass moving to avoid seriously dirty looks. There is nothing more a New Yorker hates then having to go around that rude person that stops at the top of the stair well to check their google maps. Keep moving and pull over when convenient.

Coffee is the Fuel of Manhattan:


  • You’re in one of the most diverse cities in the world, avoid Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. There are coffee shops on literally every block in the city and so many of them offer coffee that has traveled thousands of miles to fuel your day. My best advice for coffee, is save an extra $20 for your coffee expenses and spend the extra money on that high-class coffee. Trust me, it’s worth it.


  • Order what you would normally order start Starbs! The point of paying $7 for a NYC coffee is to step outside your comfort zone, so order something different off the menu.

Hotel or Air B’N’B?


  • If you are REALLY trying to see what it’s like living in the city, then save your money and rent an air bnb for your trip. This will give you the true experience of living like a New Yorker. It’s fun and private so you get the best of visiting the city.


  • If you REALLY want to visit NYC like a tourist, definitely opt for the hotel. If you want the service that comes with staying in the hotel, then I would go for that, but don’t forget to consider all of your options when visiting the city.

I hope this helps when you plan your next trip to NYC. Ask you questions in the comments section below! Good luck!






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