Through the Eyes of Dr. T.J Eckleburg – Dedicated to The Great Gatsby

Although I look South,

the other three directions are not ignored.

I see everything,

fancy cars driving around fancy people.

Yet no one knows I exist.


I am a God like figure,

I watch, I judge,

the lies told, the sins committed.

Yet no one knows I exist.


My eyes burn through the soul

of the thousands of people who populate

New York City,

passing by everyday.

Yet no one knows I exist.


The city is roaring with life,

the smell of champagne fills the dusty air.

Expensive, inexpensive, old, new, all different,

yet all the same, I see the party beginning.

Yet no one knows I exist.


A jolt of excitement passes through the city.

Wall Street is booming,

money is floating through the pockets of the rich,

spent on fancy cars, and expensive boo’s.

I see it all in the blink of an eye,

Yet no one knows I exist.


It’s 1920,

It’s about fast cars, good wine, and cheap sex,

It’s about the parties, the parties with Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby.


I watch as the people enjoy life,

going everyday without knowing,

I am watching,

I do exist.

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