The Importance of Journaling in 2021

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This year is already coming to an end, and to say 2020 has been a whirlwind would be an understatement. But, I found that one of my most critical outlets this year was journaling; it served to show me the “good” within the “bad.” What do I mean by that? One of the main pillars of Intentional Living is setting intentions based on strengthening your Mind or Body. Journaling is a fantastic tool to get in-touch with intimate thoughts or even thoughts you’ve forgotten about yourself.

Now, when I talk about Journaling, I don’t mean taking a pen to a blank sheet of paper and just writing about your day. Honestly, I think that sounds unproductive and lacks provoking intimate thought. Over the years, I’ve tried and given up journaling so many times. Each time I got through about a month of journaling and got bored. I kept thinking about what if I died and someone read this; first, it sounds completely uninteresting, and second, it doesn’t even show who I am; it just shows what I did that day or how I felt.

I feel journaling should be an intimate and thought-provoking exercise you complete daily to show you who your true self is. Taking a pen to a blank page doesn’t do that, but I have found a journal that does.


The 6-Minute Diary

The 6-Minute Diary is more than just your average diary; it’s a place to discover who you are. Over time, you will come to realize what your true aspirations are in life; you will see change, develop routine, and create success in your daily life, all from writing in this Diary.

Let me explain what The 6-Minute Diary is…

The diary is divided into several sections; the first section is 66 pages of enticing content describing the diaries’ purpose and overview. These 66 pages are filled with exciting literature on why and how the dairy works, filled with memorable quotes, guidance, and direction. The following section is where you write, and this section is divided up for you to create some clarity in your life.

Once a month, you fill out a wellness check describing your overall feeling or tone for different areas of your life. Each month you fill this out to see which areas have improved or have not, and then you take the time to address why. Weekly, you answer five questions – always different – that are simply fun, interesting, and provoking questions to get to know yourself better. You also get a “Notes & Ideas” section to expand on your thoughts as well as a mini Habit Tracker. I encourage you to take the same Habits you’ve implemented in your La.Rue Habit Tracker and write them in this section of the journal.

Now, for your daily tasks: obviously the point of this diary is that it should only take you 6-minutes to write in it every morning and night. Each page is split for the day and you have three prompts for each section. This is my absolute favorite part of the journal and here’s why…


Prompts that Promote Intentional Living

Remember in my Intentional Living Blog when I told you that it takes between 45-60 days for a new habit to become routine? Well, put this into perspective, and let’s think about how this journal and these prompts could promote an Intentional Life.

If you’re journaling for 60 days, you become active and more present in your surroundings and actions so that you may “complete” your prompts for the day. What do I mean by this? One of the prompts in The 6-Minute Journal is “My Good Deed Today.” After so much time passes, this action becomes an active subconscious thought that you’re aware of daily. You’ll be more mindful to complete a “good deed” for the day so that you may write it down, see it on paper, and be aware of your actions for the day. Living an Intentional Life means being active in your thoughts and having created a mindset in which you’re presently aware of improving yourself to create future success. All of the prompts for the morning and evening sections encourage you to be increasingly aware of your life, what you’re grateful for, where you’d like to see change, and what you’ve accomplished.

Journaling during this time is an incredible outlet to create change in your life. It is a way for you to put things into perspective that maybe you didn’t even know needed perspective. Writing in a journal is one of the many steps to take to living an Intentional Life. Journaling promotes self-reflection, which encourages you to see in which parts of your life you need to make change. Buy The 6-Minute Diary today and come back to the blog and leave a comment on how it works for you.


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