Sun Kissed Scars

Glowing with sun-kissed bronzed skin, while

shining jet black hair drapes around slender shoulders.

Blazing blue eyes strain from misery

others have carved upon her.

Symmetrical lips lined with a red finish.

A freckle with perfect circumference,

lies below her plastered smile, while

even scars parade her skin.

The wounds remind her of a haunted past

thrust upon her by the malice of others.

She defies the assumption society sees

from her post-stitched defects,

deviating from what the public believes should define her.

She commands the human population with her presence;

crawling the grounds below her with grit.

It is man-kind she eludes;

it is individuality to matures into.

Both align her prowess into a mold

of strength that confronts her weaknesses.

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