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Goodbye to 2020 Goodbye to 2020


Say Goodbye to 2020. This year has been an incredibly hard year for so many people. Hundreds of thousands of people lost jobs, loved ones, stability, independence, and security. It seems that for most, it was just one emotional heartache after another, and each battle was fought moving uphill. If you’re one of the people that experienced the difficulties, frustrations, and loss in 2020, I feel for you, I am sorry, and I hear you. Your story is one that too many people experienced this year. But, I am here to tell you that the tides are turning, things will get better, and it’s time for change.

I believe 2021 will be a fantastic year because of the reliance we’ve built and the things we’ve learned about ourselves. We’ve seen the world fall under a global pandemic, political division, and lives that should not have been lost. Personally, we’ve experienced grief, hardship, and an emotional rollercoaster of a year. But, it’s time to evaluate our role in 2020, learn from it, and move on. So, here is how we’re going to take the lessons from 2020 and make the next year a great one.

Who were you in 2020?

I think a major fallout from 2020 was the loss of experiences. Seniors experiencing graduation virtually, weddings downsized, vacations canceled, and families socially distanced. Social aspects everywhere were taken away, making it impossible to date, meet new people, hang with friends or coworkers. So which one were you during quarantine? Were you the person working from home missing your coworkers? Were you stuck in your house with six family members? Did you recently move and not know a single person in a new city? Whoever you were in 2020, it’s not who you’re going to be in 2021, or probably ever again. As people with the ability to learn and grow from our emotions, we understand never to put ourselves in situations again that we don’t want to be in. Even if in 2021 we have to quarantine or lockdown again, we’ll have a different approach to the situation.

The best way to say goodbye to this person and learn from the difficulties of the year is to sit down and write a letter to yourself. Acknowledge what you experienced during the year and how it made you feel. I think a major thing we all need to understand about the year 2020 is that so much was out of our control. We can’t feel guilty or feel like we didn’t do enough when so much of our lives were controlled by something else.  So, when you’re writing this letter or reflecting on this year, remember, most of us did the best with what we could. That is the lesson you need to take into 2021. A greater understanding of yourself and what you’re capable of, and knowing that you’ve come out the other side stronger.

Who will you be in 2021?

So now we’re just a few short days away from a New Year. We all understand that the days changing from December 31st to January 1st don’t necessarily do anything. But, it’s the idea of a new year bringing a new and clean slate. Potential new opportunities, new people, and a ‘new you.’ It’s not the change in the date that makes this change in you. It’s the time and understanding of changes you want to make and will do to become the person you know you can be. Every year when we reach the end of the 365-day cycle, we evaluate our life. What have I accomplished? Where did I fail? What can I do differently? Where do I want to change? Each of these questions are answered in the resolutions you make. Do you want to be the person you know you’re capable of being?

So who do you want to be in 2021? Do you want to be someone who takes the lessons of 2020 and moves forward with greater knowledge? Because I know that I want to be that person. So, if you’re ready to make changes in the coming year, grab a pen and paper because we’re going to break it down.

A Letter to 2020

In your letter (or if you prefer to make just a simple list), you’re going to say goodbye to 2020. On this page, write down all of the things you went through this year that you found particularly difficult. Describe your emotional state and how these situations made you feel. Doing this, although it may be difficult, will bring you a great understanding of what you went through during the year and how it made you feel, and WHY you’ll change it in this coming year. Next, you’ll write out all of the things in your life you have control over right now & all of the things in your life that are out of your control. For example, you have control over whether or not you’re applying for jobs and actively searching for work, but you don’t have any control over whether you get these jobs.

Your list of controls is essential to making changes to yourself and your life in the New Year. Once you’ve written out your “in controls” and “not in controls,” you’re ready to begin writing your New Years Resolutions. Take the list or letter and COMPLETELY IGNORE your “not in control” these have nothing to do with you and everything to do with the universe. Take your controls and develop your resolutions, goals, and 2021 Intentional Lifestyle around that. Read more about how to Write Achievable New Years Resolutions and download my FREE New Years Resolutions Guide at the La.Rue Shop or on the Freebies Page!

Remember, you can only do so much before you simply have to put it out in the universe and wait for the results to happen while you’re working to achieve your goals. You can apply for jobs, but you can’t hire yourself. So cut yourself a break. Also, remember, you are absolutely not the only person going through this, so don’t feel like you’re failing. If you’re doing the work to achieve your dreams, you’ll manifest your success. Finally, finish the letter with a goodbye to all that was 2020. You understand what happened, how it affected you, and how you’ll change in the New Year. You’ve made it to 2021; embrace the newness, and change your life.






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