Post Mother’s Day Appreciation

Since Mother’s Day has recently passed, I wanted to share with all of you some of my favorite things to do to appreciate your mom on any day. Sometimes it can be hard to show your mom how much you appreciate her love and support when you’re 1,500 miles away. It’s also a day they expect a thank you, a day they may expect a card or flowers or a dinner out. So I think it’s nice to surprise your mom every once in a while with these things anytime of the year. In this post I’ll share with you nice presents you can offer your mom to just offer a little thanks for all of the things she does for you all year round. I promise you, that when she receives these gifts, it will mean even more than the one you offered her on any holiday because she will know that you were thinking of her love when it meant the most.

Jewelry: This is one of my go-to’s for my mom, a women can never have enough jewelry and although my mom does have a lot, it’s always ok to give more!! There are some stores that I always hit when I’m shopping for my mom, Bendel’s, Anthropologie, Pandora, all of these work for any season and for any age, so if you’re looking for a grandma or a sister as well, these places work for everyone! Here is an earring from Henri Bendel that I think would suit every mom, it’s classy and simple stud so it will work with any style. Here is another style from Bendel’s that is a classier and simple hoop if you’re looking for a night look that will dress up any outfit. Both styles are inexpensive and stylish and any mom would appreciate this gift.

Book: I am a firm believer in books capturing your mind and taking you to places you didn’t know existed and I think they make some of the best gifts. Now I know that every person has a different taste in books and their genres, but there are some that I think everyone should read.  If you’re mom is a big foodie, get her a nice book like this that will help her prepare any recipe for any beautiful meal. Even if your mom isn’t a big foodie or doesn’t love to cook all the time, it’s always nice to have something to refer to when you’re hosting guests or planning a nice meal for family. If your mom loves to read fiction books, this book is a modern day retelling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and it is FANTASTIC!

Home Accessory: I love buying anyone a nice gift for their home, I love when people are moving and I can get them a new housewarming gift. When I worked at Anthro, my mom and I loved using my discount to fill our homes with beautiful things, and thats why I think you can get your mom a lovely accessory for the home at any price. Anything from a nice and fancy wine set like this to a small and inexpensive photo for the wall like this. Both of these will work for any type of budget and will be a special gift for your mom.

I don’t know about all of you, but my mom is my best friend, we share everything together. My mom has given me everything and I owe her a lifetime of thank you’s for that and I could not be more grateful for her love. So when in doubt and if you’d like to spend a pretty penny, Schedule a photo shoot for you and your mom to share. My mom and I got these photos taken after I graduated from High School and it was a day of fun, beauty and family and I will always be grateful that I have these beautiful pictures to share with my mom. Until August 31st 2018, I will be offering 25% off to all mom and daughter duo’s who’d like to get portraits done. Navigate to the photography page, or click this link, to see the price sheet and contact me today to book your appointment.


With all my love to you and your moms,



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