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Fabulous Girl's Night Fabulous Girl's Night


Girl’s Night is essential. To what? I don’t know, but it is. Maybe our health. I don’t know about you, but I have some incredibly special friends in my life, and girls night is a way to celebrate those friendships and spend time with the people you love. Right now, with the state of the world and the way things are changing, it’s important to know all of the ways you can have fun at home with your gals. My friends and I have gotten creative over the last several months finding ways to have fun without going out, and even better, without spending a lot of money. Every girl’s night can be different, depending on the number of people showing up, where you live, etc. But all of these things can add an exciting element to your night!


Dinner & Drinks

Girl’s night in means fine dining and fun cocktails. A great part about having your friends over is that everyone can bring something, and everyone can do something. When I have my gals over, if we’re not going out to dinner, we plan a fun meal to cook that we can all contribute to and enjoy.

Let’s start with a drink menu; I bought this book a while back, How to Cocktail, and for every event or girls night we have at the house, I refer to this fantastic book for our drink menu. We have tried some that turned out amazing and some that flopped, but it’s great to have a reference point if some people prefer specific alcohol or have dietary restrictions. Next, the dinner menu, it’s always a classic look to start with a fabulous charcuterie board with a great mix of cheeses, fruits, meats, and dips that elevate the evening. Plus, you don’t want to be drinking on an empty stomach, so it’s always great to have snacks out. For dinner, have a meal planned out that will be fun, but easy to cook. Before the night comes, make sure you have enough food for everyone, and you’ve all decided on the meal together! Obviously we can’t forget desert! Personally, ice cream is the fan favorite, but really, with sweets, who cares!


Fabulous Girl's Night Fabulous Girl's Night


It’s All Fun & Games

Girl’s Night always means Game Night! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to play games with my friends. Whether there are three of use or ten of us, I always have my arsenal of board games to choose from. Recently, we had a girl’s night where Meghan dominated Sorry and re-minded me how to play Uno because it had been so long. We had a great time laughing and competing to win. Girls night is all about having fun and making memories with your friends. So get creative with your games, make Uno a drinking game, play Cards Against Humanity, or do what we do, and make a drinking game out of a show or movie you want to watch. One of my favorite games is to attach with Gossip Girl. Everyone takes a drink or takes a shot when the Gossip Girl voice speaks! It becomes so fun, and when you catch someone slipping up on drinking, you get to tag them and make up a new rule for the night.

Not every girl’s night in means staying in for the whole night. So if you’re doing a Girl’s Night Out, here are some fun ideas!

1. Mini Golfing / Bowling: these are the classic go-to’s for having fun and getting out! It’s also a great place to take people that you may still be getting to know or introduce one friend to another. It’s a comfortable atmosphere to bond and get to know each other.

2. Escape Room: Escape Rooms are incredibly fun. I cannot stress to you how much I love doing these. These rooms are great for so many occasions, team building, bridal showers, or even just a fun girl’s night. It’s an hour of action-packed fun that certainly will create memories for you and your friends.

3. Ever been to Dave & Buster’s? It’s not just a place for kids! It’s a fun time to play classic and new arcade games, drink, and eat great food while you travel around the building playing all the games you loved as a kid!

Plan Your Next Girl’s Night! 

If it’s been a while since your last girl’s night, text your friends and make some plans. It’s such a great way to reconnect, catch up, and have fun with your friends. Girl’s night is sacred to me. Spending time with the people I love, getting to know them better, making memories, and laughing. I have such a great time with my friends, hearing the latest gossip, guy talk, and discussing our lives! It’s an amazing bonding experience and a great way to catch up if you’re not in the mood to go out! Let me know what your girl’s night traditions are in the comments below!







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