How Practicing Self-Love Can Better Your Relationships

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Self-Love is already a hot topic of 2021, and we’re just getting into February. Today on La.Rue, I want to talk about why having a great relationship with yourself will better the rest of the relationships in your life, and how improving your relationship with yourself first makes your relationship with others more meaningful and impactful. Last year when the pandemic started, people began spending even more time at home and with themselves. This either went one of two ways: they began to foster their relationship with themselves and got to know themselves on a more intimate level, or the isolation and time alone drove them to distance themselves from their thoughts and happiness.

So, in 2021, as we begin to move away from the pandemic, it’s going to be important to practice self-love. Either through rekindling your relationship with yourself or continuing to grow it so you can be a better participant in your other relationships. It’s understood that you have to love yourself and be comfortable alone before being happy in an intimate relationship. So today, we’re going to talk about a few ways you can grow your relationship with yourself so you can be more present and positive in your friendships, familial relationships, and intimate relationships.

Get Confident Spending Time Alone

It used to be considered taboo to take yourself out to dinner or out on a date. But I’m seeing more and more just how important it is to spend this time alone and treat yourself to a date every once and a while. Not only do we need to get comfortable spending time alone at home, but it’s important to do it in a space that isn’t your own. Why? Taking yourself out to lunch or dinner gives you the confidence to approach more intimidating situations on your own. What do you do when you’re alone? You think about things going on in your life, things you need to get done, goals you’d like to accomplish, work, relationships, etc. You become more in touch with thoughts that you don’t normally have when you’re out having lunch with a friend.

When you spend more time alone and become more loving of your own company, you become increasingly aware of the company you’re giving to someone else. When you can have fun on your own and enjoy time by yourself, you become confident that the person you’re dating or your friends enjoy your time as much as you enjoy theirs. If you’re scared of being too quiet or closed off, continue building your relationship with yourself so you can gain that confidence.

Learn how to Better Address your Emotions



Surprise! Here I am talking about Journaling again. A fantastic way to get to know yourself better and build your relationship with yourself is understanding and processing your emotions. We’re all mature adults; it’s time we understand why we’re feeling a certain way and how to process those emotions. Journaling is a wonderful way to get in touch with those emotions. It’s an easy way to process your day or an event and address your feelings. The 6-Minute Diary is my absolute best resource for you when it comes to journaling. I can’t even tell you how many people my mom and I have gifted it to because of how impactful we’ve found it.

If you’re not into the diary or still a little apprehensive, let me offer you a few tips of small things you could be doing every day to help process simple emotions. If you’re someone who is into just taking a pen to a blank piece of paper, that’s great, but please avoid just writing down the events of your day. Something you should be writing down every day is one thing you’re grateful for, a positive affirmation/manifestation, and a goal you’d like to achieve. When you are writing about some of your day’s events, write down one positive and negative for the day, and HOW they made you feel. This will allow you to get in touch with those emotions and understand WHY you felt this way. Remember 6th-grade science? For every action, there is a positive or negative REACTION? What’s your reaction?

Make Time for You

A major part of self-love is happiness. Doing things that you love, keeping yourself happy, and making time for yourself. Self-love is also self-care, so when you’re working on yourself this year, you need to be making sure you’re taking care of yourself and making time to do the things you love. I understand that we all have things we need to do, jobs that need to be done, errands to run, and things to take care of. But if we’re letting days pass without enjoying little things that make you happy, you’re going to become an unhappy person. So, how can you make yourself a happier and more positive person?

Start dedicating time to yourself. Start treating yourself to the things you love. Schedule yourself a massage or make Thursday nights your wine and movie nights. Doing simple things will help increase your mood, which ultimately helps increase your productivity. When you make time for yourself and take care of yourself, you’re making room for better relationships in your life.

I know that a lot of us spent the majority of 2020 spending our time with ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we did it in a positive light. Your relationship with yourself is incredibly important; it’s the stability you have in every relationship in your life. When you take care of yourself, learn to love yourself, and enjoy your own company, you’re more likely to have successful relationships in your life that last longer. So, start working at it, treat yourself to lunch, start writing in a journal, and make time for yourself. And always remember, Self-Care is Self-Love.  Want to know more about how to continue bettering yourself in the New Year? Learn about the 5 Bad Habits you need to kick in 2021! 

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