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We love a stylish workspace moment. For years I have been obsessed with the office space from The Devil Wears Prada. The movie’s chic lines and classic color palette have always been a source of inspiration for me when I imagine what my office will look like in a New York City high rise one day. When I was younger, I also had an obsession with the desk design Elle Woods makes for herself in DC in Legally Blonde 2. The color pink was the only one in my palette, and I even went as far as to tell my mom we needed to go to the store to get “pinking shears” (I still don’t know what those are), so I could decorate my “office,” this was when I was about 12.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for designing desks and workspaces that are beautiful and functional. Now that I spend so much time at my desk every day, I wanted to create a space that motivated me to work hard and put me in a positive attitude. Of course, staying organized was important, so the first thing I did was buy a desk with a lot of area space to work, but I didn’t want endless drawers and spots to put stuff for clutter. I wanted something clean, elegant, and functional to my needs. After the desk came the chair; again, I went for something with a pop of color but kept up with the clean and classic look. Once those two main elements where bought, I began to build a space that inspires me to work every day.

A workspace is important to a powerhouse woman. We need a space to conquer our goals and share our dreams. So when I knew that La.Rue was going to be my more than full-time job, I knew I needed a space that didn’t just say “I work hard” but says, “I dominate. I am success.” This space, gives me that inspiration.


Have a Routine at your Desk

When I sit down at my desk in the morning, I go over my calendar and to-do list for the day that I filled out in my planner at the end of the last workday. I add to the list whatever I’d like to accomplish that day and take out my notes from the previous day. Something I have been doing for years, from when I was in high school, through college, and now, is keeping a small box a little larger than the size of a sticky note on my desk to keep notes in. I call it my random thought box, and that’s exactly what it is. If I’m in the middle of a project or working on something and I think of something I need to do or remind myself of, or whatever the thought is, I write it down on a memo pad and drop the paper in the box. Every day I go through that thought box and spend time organizing, so that I have a convenient spot to keep all my thoughts when I don’t have time to stop and complete the task itself. If you want to read more about creating a routine, head over to the blog, Creating a Routine that works for you, so you begin designing a positive routine for your day and workspace.


Keeping your Workspace Organized


When I chose a desk, I mentioned before that I was aiming for something that wouldn’t allow for a lot of clutter. I wanted something with minimal storage space so that I wasn’t constantly having a mess or things at the desk that I didn’t need. So, because of this, I use my computer and technology to keep everything organized. The only things I use on paper are a notepad and my daily and weekly planning pages to have access to those things all the time, and I don’t have to go back and forth on my computer. Once I’m at my desk and settled for the morning, I open up everything I know I’ll need for the day.

After my workspace has been prepared for the day, I know I’ll work with more focus and attention because I already have a plan for the day and everything I need to complete that plan. Whether you’re in a corporate office, cubical, home office, a dorm, or just your desk in your bedroom, design it to be something that makes you feel good, somewhere you’re excited to sit down and do work. Environments and settings are just as crucial to the actual work being completed. Would you prefer working in a light, airy room filled with things you love and aesthetically pleases you or a boring desk with no personality? By creating a space that’s your own and you love, you’ll be more excited and motivated to complete your work and be happier throughout the day.



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