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In such a short period of time, my life has changed so significantly. In a few different blog posts, you’ve seen me talk about how I decided to take control of my life and change it. That change has included what my daily routine now looks like, what I do for self-care, how I accomplish tasks, and create action for my future. Since I decided I would turn La.Rue into a fulltime blog and job, it has undoubtedly taken up all of my time. I spend every day, Monday through Friday, tackling the infinite ideas and tasks I have to accomplish to make La.Rue extraordinary. At the beginning of this process, every day was incredibly overwhelming. I would always start the day with a long list of what needed to be done that I had pulled from my even longer list of tasks. Even though I would get a lot done during the day, it never looked like I had accomplished anything. So, I created a solution to that.


Let’s Start in the Morning…

I wake up stunning and beautiful like the rest of you, ready to seize the day with a positive attitude and productive appetite. I know that not every day we’re going to wake up with this mantra, but I’d like to say that if you’re happy with your life, or working towards a happier life, more often than not, you do. So, with that being said, I really do try and wake up every morning with a positive attitude. I start my day usually between 6:30 and 7 AM; if I’m feeling saucy, I may sleep in until 7:30 or 8, but I’m realizing that as I mature, I am indeed a morning person and CRAVE a productive morning, which sets the tone for a productive day.

Once I’m up, I immediately make my way over to my Nespresso, where I make myself a delicious latte to start my morning. I grab my journal and my coffee, and sit down on the couch where I do my 6-Minute Journal, read more about the journal on my blog, The Importance of Journaling in 2020. After my journaling, I usually take a few minutes to browse my phone and enjoy my coffee before getting ready for the gym. Once I’m at the gym, I put in 30 minutes of an intense workout followed by 15-20 minutes of cardio to get my blood flowing and energy up for the day. After a good workout, I head back home for breakfast, usually more coffee, and I sit down at my desk and plan my day.

On an upcoming blog, I’ll be discussing all things planners. But for now, I’ll just share with you that I use Day Designer and I have been using their planners for years, and I’m totally in love. I’ll also share with you that I have been putting in hours designing my own custom La.Rue Planning Pages (Daily & Weekly) for you all to download in the 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge.

When I plan my day, I separate things into two categories, regular things to do like errands, chores, etc., and anything and everything I need to do for La.Rue. Once I’ve got my day planned out, on my La.Rue Daily Planning Page & in my Planner, I’m set for the day. From 9 AM to Noon, I tackle miscellaneous tasks in the morning, finish any work from the previous day, and start new projects. After all of this, I deserve a delicious lunch; I usually take this time to have a brain break. I hang out with my mom, and we talk about our mornings and catch up while playing a game; we’re Yahtzee fanatics.

After a divine lunch and Yahtzee tournament, I head back to work. Now, you know earlier when I mentioned that overwhelmed feeling? Well, this is where I solved it. The mornings are where I take the time to get little things done, organize my mind, etc. The afternoon is a designated time every day to work on something. Like today, from 1-4, I’m writing to create content for you. I decided that I would establish every day to a particular category that needed specific attention, like blogging, so that I knew that no matter what, that time was meant for writing and that the content would get written. After what is usually an incredibly productive day, I take the last hour of the work day to unwind, recap, and prep for the next day.

I’m Exhausted, let’s go to bed…

Once I get to the end of a workday, I love to just clear my mind of any stress and leave it at the desk until tomorrow. I love what I do, and I am so incredibly passionate about it, but it has its stressful moments. I’m overwhelmed with ideas and emotions about La.Rue and it can be exhausting. So, once the day is over, I leave the office with my head clear, and my mind focused on just relaxing for the night.

After my mom and I make dinner, I’ll spend some time with my family playing games or watching a movie and having some laughs. After I win all of the games, we take our pup, Chica, for a walk, and then the night is usually our own. I’ll spend time doing yoga for about 30 minutes, and after some meditating and stretching, I spend time reading or watching Friends. Then comes my journaling for the night and my nighttime routine. I’ll be going into my nighttime skincare routine in a blog coming in the near future, but for now, this is my typical day; it promotes a fantastic energy and positive attitude.

If you want to know more about my day, leave a comment or reach out on insta, until next time…







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