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Gift giving can be a tricky trade. Many of us want to accomplish so much when we’re handing over our presents to our loved ones, best friends, or significant others. We all want to wow them with our knowledge of how well we know them, we want to surprise them, but most of all, we want to give them something they will love. So, when you’re out shopping for your presents this season, here is how you can put a little extra thought into gift-giving and making sure your gift not only wows them but is Intentional. Last week, I told you how you can best begin writing your New Year’s Resolutions and how to achieve them in 365 days. So, when you’re giving gifts this holiday season, before you do your shopping, ask people what is on their list to change in the upcoming year. Try and purchase a gift that can help them to achieve one of their resolutions and better themselves.

The most common resolutions every year are to (1) lose weight & eat healthier (2) Spend less money & save more (3) spend more time with family & friends (4) spend more time with yourself (5) be happier & more positive (6) read more (7) learn something new (8) stop a bad habit. Many of these resolutions require self-reflection and major life changes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them make these changes. So, if someone you’re planning on giving a gift to this year has something like this on their list of resolutions, then these Intentional gifts are bound to really wow them with your love and kindness.

La.Rue Holiday Gift Guide


intentional gifts

1. Book of the Month – This is a fantastic gift for someone who has it in their plans to read more. Just last month, my mom and I gifted this to my aunt to
celebrate her retirement when she mentioned she wanted to read more. You can gift 3 months for $49.99, 6 months for $89.99, or 12 months for $169.99. Each month, this person will choose from five books, all from different genres, to add to their collection. If none of the books for the month sound appealing, they can skip that round, and an additional month will be added at the end of their subscription. I signed up for the year subscription, which comes to just $14.17 a book; I receive a hardcover, top-selling book each month that usually sells for around $27. Book of the Month is an absolutely fabulous gift to give for the book nerd in your life or someone who is ready to read more. Use my link and get your first month for just $9.99

2. 6-Minute Dairy – I don’t know how many times I’ve already said it, but I’m going to keep saying it. The 6-Minute Diary is something I believe everyone should have in their repertoire for their daily routine. If you’re late to the La.Rue Party, you can read my blog, the Importance of Journaling in 2020, to know more about the diary and why I believe journaling to be so critical in 2020 and the age of Covid. But for now, if you’re having second thoughts about buying the journal for yourself, but you know of someone who would absolutely love it, or their resolution is to write more, reflect on their thoughts, or journal more, purchase them the 6-Minute Diary before coming back to purchase your own.

3. The La.Rue 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge – If you know someone whose entire list of resolutions centers around changing their life, their habits, and their routines, then give them the gift of the La.Rue Intentional Living Challenge. You can read all about the challenge on the blog, but to offer a quick glimpse of the fantastic content in the challenge, you will find worksheets, exercises, menus, and guides, all catered towards helping you or the person you’re gifting, change their life to live intentionally. The challenge will guide you through every aspect of your life to see where changes must be made so that you may achieve your dreams. You can purchase the challenge today and use the code LARUE30CHALLENGE to receive 50% off the La.Rue 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge today!

4. Gift Certificate to Spa or Class – for the person who wants to learn something new or needs to get back in touch with themselves. People are often wary of purchasing themselves a certificate to the spa or a class. We’re scared to try new things or spoil ourselves. So, if you know someone in need of some relaxation or they’ve been talking about wanting to learn something new like taking a yoga or kickboxing class or a pottery class, then see what you can do to purchase them a gift certificate. If you’re one whose up for an adventure and the classes are inexpensive, purchase the course for two, so you can go with your friend to try the new thing they have been talking about. This gift is personal and so thoughtful, so if you’re looking to really reach someone, I highly recommend a trip to the spa or your local classroom.

5. Adult Coloring Book – for the person looking to spend more time with themselves without their TV. Adult coloring books have made a come-back in the last several years. My mom and I have been working on a few of the Johanna Basford books, and we are obsessed! Coloring books are a fantastic way to relax, decompress, and without having to be too present or not present at all; I feel it’s a happy medium between reading a riveting book and watching a tv show you’re not actually watching. Adult coloring books are the perfect Intentional gift to give for the person looking for some relaxation time that is still fun and has a little bit of thought to it.

The holidays will be here in no time, and giving someone a gift that has little extra thought and meaning behind it shows just how much you care. I hope your holiday season is filled with intention and gratitude.







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