Creating a Motivating & Inspiring Dream Board

It’s well known that one of the most effective ways to motivate yourself to achieve your goals is seeing a visual representation of what you want your life to look like in order to achieve that. One of the most common ways to do this is a dream board. Basically, a dream board is anything from a piece of paper to a fully fledged presentation poster board decorated with anything and everything that inspires you. It’s supposed to be images and quotes that you’re aspiring to attain in your life. So if you’re goal is to lose weight, you find a picture off the internet, in a magazine or anywhere, of what you’d like to look like and you print it or cut it out and glue it to this board. Once you have all of your images and motivational words on one board, you’re supposed to hang it up anywhere in your room. It acts as your daily reminder of the goals you’ve set for yourself and that you can achieve them.

So, my spin on this is a dream book… I found this really cute Dream Book at Barnes and Noble and my plan is to section it off into goals I’d like to achieve for different parts of my life and at different times. For example, I’ll have a work section in which I dedicate pages to short term and long term goals. Say, in one year, after having graduated, I hope to be working as an assistant editor at a publishing house; and for a long term goal I would write, in 5 years, I hope to be working as an editor. After having set the goal, I would find images and words that would represent this goal in a positive and inspirational way. This would be my constant reminder that I do have goals for myself and as long as I keep working, I can achieve them.

Now, I know this sounds a bit OCD and little over done organizing your dreams and goals into sections and somewhat “planning” your life, but, for me, this sets out goals I’ve known I’ve wanted to achieve for years, and it will act as a daily reminder for years to come, that I can reach these aspirations. It’s also something I can add onto whenever I want. So if three years from now I decide I want to go back to school to get my masters, I can add to my dream book that the goals I’d like to achieve by doing so.

If this seems like too much for you and a bit over whelming, then a dream board (rather than a book) is perfect for you, and it may not be as intimidating. Either way, I wanted to share some of my own ideas on how you could organize your dream board/book and what you should prioritize. Not only will you want make a list of what goals you’ll want to achieve, but you have to be realistic with yourself about how long it could take you to reach some of them.

Here is a list of how I organized my dream book and what goals I think I can achieve in a set amount of time.

  1. Personal Goals: Losing Weight: Start Dancing again: Be able to pay for my life on my own after I graduate
  2. Academic Goals: Graduate with a 3.8 GPA or Higher: Graduate with Honors: Get my Master’s Degree
  3. Career Goals: Get a job as an assistant editor at a publishing house: Earn a significant salary off of my website: Get me business certified as an LLC: Have a photo Published in a magazine
  4. Family and Friends: Take a trip with my parents: Go on a trip With my friends

Each of these has their own page with the goal written out by me and then anything, words or images, that promote me to achieve this dream. As you can see, some of these goals are very personal and close to me, and I really do hope to achieve these one day. Some of them are inevitable; like sustaining my life on my own, of course my parents aren’t going to pay my bills for me forever, but this is a nice way to remind myself of how much my parents do for me everyday, and that one day, I’ll be able to do the same for them.

So, I hope this was helpful for you all, and I hope that you consider making a dream board or book in the future. Simply start by looking through magazines and cutting out pictures, or start a board on your Pinterest soley for this reason; make a list of all of the things you want to achieve, and when you’re ready, start getting arts and crafty and make your dreams come true.

I am not including pictures of my dream book for the reason that it is very personal to me and holds a lot of my own vulnerabilities. So, the pictures in this post are not mine and do not own the rights to them, they are from my Pinterest, and they are things I find inspiring.

Once you’ve begun your board, take a picture and post it on your instagram or Pinterest using the hashtag #laruedreams. I look forward to seeing all of your dreams come true as you watch all of mine come to life.



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  1. Hi, Lauren! I’m a huge fan of dream BOards and created mY own “vision Board” for the first time this year. Fun! Visually keePing our hopes and goals froNt and center Can definitely hElp keep Them fRont and center of our daily Intention – cheers to your dreams, go for Them all! BeauTiful post