I’m a Dog Mom

Those of you who know me personally know that my dog is my child. But, for those of you who don’t, I’d like to introduce you to Sophie, or more commonly known as Tilly. Let’s start from the beginning…

About 8 or so years ago, my brother and I were begging our parents for new dogs, dogs that could be ours and would be fun, outdoorsy dogs. They continuously said no because we already had a “family dog” who was really just attached at the hip to my dad and is a lap dog, Laci. However, we never let up and continued to ask. One day, my mom got an email from a coworker that two of her friends (with no kids) had passed away in an accident and their close friends were looking for homes for their two dogs, Sophie and Banjo.


My mom dismissed the email at first thinking so many people would want the adorable, two-year-old pups. But she soon found out that many people wanted the dogs, but only one. The friends of the deceased refused to split them up after the trauma they had already been through of losing their owners. My mom got another email not long after from her coworker saying these two still needed a home.

My mom brought home a picture of the dogs and asked my dad, “What do you think.” To my brother and I’s surprise, we had two new little doggies within the month. Josh got Banjo, the boy dog, and I got Sophie, the girl dog. They’re actual brother and sister from the same litter and are as cute as a button.

So, time went on and our dogs fell in love with us and Sophie quickly become my adopted child. You may find yourself wondering, “Well if her name is Sophie, where did Tilly come from?” I’ll tell ya!



I have a funny way with nicknames or coming up with odd ways to say things and names, so one day I started calling Sophie: “Sophila,” which later turned into “Sophatillia” which has since translated to “Tilly,” which stuck. Sophie knows she has a hundred names, including “muffin,” but her name when she’s good is Tilly and when she’s a bad little pupper, “Sophie.”

Sophie and Banjo are ten now and still breaking our hearts. After my brother passed away, it became very important to me to have Sophie by my side. After I returned to New York after he had passed, two friends and I signed a lease which included a pet allowed policy. Two weeks after we had signed, my mom flew up with Tilly and she is now a New York pup with a well stamped passport. She travels everywhere with me and I could not be more grateful to have this adorable pup by my side. We will celebrate her 11th birthday in April!

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LO + Tilly

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