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At the beginning of each new year, I head to the Day Designer Website in search of my new planner for the year. Whitney English doesn’t just make planners, the Day Designer company creates a coveted and motivational workbook so that each person has the potential to excel in the coming year.

Not only does Day Designer sell the planners, but they have free printable worksheets that you can download and fill out in order to solidify the intentions you’re setting for the year. For example, shown above are three of my favorite worksheets that promote yearly goals and then ways to break down those goals so you’re setting monthly goals in order to maintain progress towards a specific achievement.


This year, I printed out the following Worksheets in order to set my intentions for the year.

  1. How to Plan With Intention and Find Focus 
  2. How to Bring Joy and Love Into Everyday 
  3. Intentional Living Worksheet
  4. My Plan For Creating Balance & Achieving Goals 
  5. Books To Read & Movies To Watch 


What’s really amazing about these worksheets is that they not only work for the year, but she has some worksheets that involve daily or weekly tasks that make them fun and more organized. On the Day Designer website, you can find worksheets that help create an organized daily life, including: Grocery list, Entertaining Checklist, as well as a Bill Pay Checklist , a Packing List and these are just some of the amazing worksheets you can easily download to help keep your year and life organized.


I sincerely encourage all of you to head over to the Day Designer website to take a peak at all the planners and see if any of these printable worksheets will help organize your life. Stay in touch, in my next blog I will share with you my goals and intentions I have set for 2020!






This post is published using Whitney English’s Well-Designed Life Workshop Tools.

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