Hello Beauties,

My name is Lauren L’Heureux, and this is La.Rue. I started this blog my freshman year of college after I had moved to Manhattan a long way from my hometown in Florida. I wanted a website that I could not only blog on, but as a platform to showcase my writing and photography as well. Each of these skills have grown so much over the years, and I wanted this to be a way for me to share with not just friends and family, but other girls around the world who are on the brink of uplifting their life and following their dreams that you’re more ready than you think.

As scary as it was uprooting my life and leaving my parents in Florida, it had been my dream since as long as I could remember to go to school in Manhattan and never leave; having the courage to do so was difficult and I wanted to share my experience and the ongoing journey with other people. I wanted a way to show other women and men my age, that it is possible to follow your dreams.

What will make my blog stand out from so many others is that it’s not simply a space for one industry. It’s not only a photography website and a fashion blog, this will be a space where I showcase my narrative writing skills, my photography projects and blogs that encompass all aspects of my life from fashion to lifestyle.

The name La.Rue came about from my last name, L’Heureux, which means “Happy” in French. As a child and even now, when people would attempt to say my last name, I would say “It’s pronounced La.Rue, spelt like Larue.” I thought it would be a neat idea to create a website that embodies the happiness in my life, and what better way to do so than to take the American form of my last name and combine it with the French meaning.

So, I thank you for visiting La.Rue Photography & Publications and I know you will enjoy the content.